For small business owners, efficient, accurate recordkeeping is an essential ingredient to the success of any business enterprise.  As owners and managers, you are well aware how important adequate financial recordkeeping is.  This function allows you to plan, monitor, and control your business activities.


Accurate recordkeeping is necessary to meet the demands of government regulatory agencies, banks, creditors, insurance companies, and other third-party users.  At Albritton Accounting Agency, our approuch is to assist you in determing the type of information management method you and/or third-party users of your records will require.  We will structure a reporting system tailored specifically to meet your needs.





Albritton Accounting Agency's Fraud Examination team provides a wide range of forensic and litigation services--with one objective--assisting in the presentation of the strongest possible case based off credible evidence and facts.


Our examiners specialize in the detection and deterrence of a variety of fraudulent conduct: from discovering employees or executives who misappropriate company assets to investigationg technical issues.

At Albritton Accounting Agency we not only offer individual tax preparation, but personal tax planning as well.  Some of the services we offer are-

  • Personal financial statements
  • Tax strategies
  • Cash management and budgeting
  • Education funding
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance review